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At Ngen Technologies, we epitomise leadership in the technology distribution realm, driven by a steadfast commitment to eco-partnerships and customer-centric innovation. Our vision is to spearhead future innovations, seamlessly connecting cutting-edge solutions with boundless global opportunities. Our mission is unwavering: to cultivate impactful collaborations and deliver unparalleled value to our esteemed partners and customers. Rooted in a core ethos of ethical integrity, relentless pursuit of knowledge, and adaptive excellence, we stand resolute at the forefront of industry advancement. Join us in shaping the future of technology and charting unprecedented success together.


Life at Ngen

We believe in striking a harmonious balance between work and play. We embrace a culture where we work hard, play hard, and deliver exceptional results. Whether it’s enjoying quality food and drinks together or fostering a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, we prioritise creating an environment where every team member feels valued and respected. We believe in upholding a culture of mutual respect across all hierarchies, recognising that every individual contributes to our collective success.

If you are an individual who thrives in such a dynamic environment, who is ready to contribute to the success of our company, we welcome you to join us at Ngen Technologies.


Global Reach, Boundless Growth: Soar with Ngen’s Cross-Border Project Opportunities

We offer more than just a job – we provide a gateway to global project opportunities. Our dynamic projects span across borders, offering every individual a chance to immerse themselves in cross-border organisations and cultures. This unique exposure not only broadens perspectives but also fosters invaluable learning experiences. From collaborating with diverse teams to navigating international markets, our global projects offer a chance to soar, both personally and professionally. At Ngen, we believe in building intangible experiences that pave the way for limitless growth and success.


Job Openings

Sales Representative
Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand
Presales Engineer
Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand
Product Representative
Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand
Marketing Executive
Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand
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