Stellar Cyber

World’s First Integrated NG SOC platform/Open XDR

What is Stellar Cyber OpenXDR

Stellar Cyber Open XDR Platform delivers Next Gen SecOps. Unified, simplified and automated security operations platform. It includes NexGen-SIEM, TIP, UEBA, FIM, IDS, NDR, SOAR, and more under a single license, delivering all the critical security capabilities required to protect IT and OT environments.

With Stellar Cyber, you can automatically ingest, normalize, and analyse your data to identify active threats in your IT and OT environments. With over 400 pre-built integrations, you can quickly integrate data from virtually any tools you use into the platform. If you need a new integration to include data from a product not currently supported, we will deliver it free of charge. That is our commitment to you.


Features and Benefits

  1. Enhanced threat visibility reduces the risk of a wide-scale damaging breach.
  2. Dramatic increase in security analysts’ productivity and efficiency.
  3. Reduce attacker dwell time, minimizing attack impact.
  4. Improve the ROI of your existing security stack investment.


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